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Here to support you through your podcast journey.

Narrative audio specialise in spoken word audio projects such as podcasts and audiobooks. We know that your passion is your message and time taken in editing and production is time not spent creating great content and growing your audience. We treat each project with great care and attention to detail to realise your creative vision and allow you to focus on what you do best.

Our Services


We offer a pre-production consultation to advise what equipment you will need, or how to make the most of the equipment you already have.

Post Production

We take your raw audio and edit, mix and master it to sound its best and meet the industry loudness standard for podcasts.

Social media

We will create a short video audiogram of your show that can be shared on your social media pages.


We can provide a full transcription service for your episodes which will boost the accessibility of your podcasts as well as your SEO.

Music & Sound Effects

Whilst we are happy to mix your own music and sound effects, we are also building a library of royalty free original music compositions, sound effects and ambient sounds for use in your creative projects.

Podcast Support Services

We can assist you with all aspects of launching your podcast or getting it more widely noticed with a custom website, bespoke episode artwork and more.+

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The Basics

We’ll take your raw audio, add your intro, backing music & outro, level your volume to industry standards and provide you with an mp3* of your finished episode.



*(or your choice of alternative file format)

£40 per hour of raw audio


Most Popular

Pro Service

  • Add intro, Outro & Background music
  • Ad insertion
  • Perform a full listen through edit
  • Remove or attenuate unwanted noise
  • Adjust levels
  • Apply processing to achieve a professional sound
  • Perform a final mastering pass
  • Provide a completed mp3 of your finished episode

£75 per hour of raw audio


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Social Media videos

We will provide a 1 minute video with your logo, episode title and audiogram to share on your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


A full episode length video with your logo, episode title and audiogram to share on Youtube.

£20 per episode


I don’t fit in a box!

Tailored Service

Do it your way! Our standard packages aren’t for everyone, so if you have a special requirement or would just prefer a personalised quote, get in touch!


Get in touch now for a personalised quote



Your turn to make a move

Make your sound shine! Contact us now and take your podcast to the next level.

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