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The Pro Service

Relax! We've got you covered. With our pro service, all you need to do is upload your raw audio and we'll do the rest.

The Basics

Everything included in our basic service:
*add your advertisements, intro, backing music & outro
*level your volume to industry standards
*provide you with an mp3* of your finished episode.

Full Listen Through Edit

We will perform a full listen through edit to remove unwanted silences, verbal crutches and unwanted sounds.


Once we've finished your mix, we will perform a final mastering pass to really polish your sound and deliver a professional master.

Peace Of Mind

Just upload your raw audio and we'll do the rest! You can rest easy knowing you will shortly receive your completed episode, leaving you to do what you do best; create!

Get the pro service from £75 per hour*

*per hour of raw audio

A little too much? Maybe you just need our Basic Service

The BrainFood Show – Pro Service